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Street Portfolio with Maíre Ní Dochartaígh

Out and about on the street in Cookstown with the lovely Maire. Setting of early in the morning to minimise the traffic and parked cars we made our way around the main street to capture some street style fashion images.

Starting of photoshoot with a headshot is a great way to setup the camera for ambient light ,I was lucky Maire brought her own fabulous selection of fashion to capture.:-)

We moved around the main street working between different architectural features and environments

fashion style model in alley

Changing the light setups using OCF can bring a completely different dimension to low contrast backdrop.

flash light model in doorway

model in black dress along roadside

flash lit model at gateway

ambient light model holding gate

Moving onto more instagram style images with a trend inmovement or attention direction.

walking model outside bar

An of course taking in some of the historical landmarks on the main street.

model outside bar in doorway

lastly i introduced some post production into this outfit choice:-)

model at shutter of shop

Breaking up the shoot with different outfits changes the feel of the shoot :-)

girl walks along street with bag

girl poses in street with handbag

girl outside time bar cookstown

girl sitting at bus stop with handbag

and a little black and white edit to bring attenetion to the detail in the location.:-)

girl pauses outside bar

finishing of with a different style of outfit from the models wardrobe:-)

girl poses eside handrail,fashion

girl model sitting on a step

girl model beside postbox

girl model in gray dress in doorway

girl in phone booth portrait style

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