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Model Portfolio shoot with Leah

Always great to meet and work with new faces being introduced to modelling, Being able to guide and tutor local models is one of my favourite types of photography.

A Chance messaging Chat allowed myself and Leah to arrange a shoot in the Trinity Photography ni studio outside Cookstown in Mid Ulster. She brought with her a fabulous selection of wardrobe and together we worked through just a few of the outfits.

Starting of the shoot with a slight of whit background and a 4 light setup , 2 for rear fill and a octobox camera right at 45 , and a ill umbrella camera right, you can clearly see the catchlights in Leahs fabulous dark brown eyes.

brunette model dressed in black, in a photo studio

So we introduced a small step prop to help Leah relax into the shoot and to give a few more posing options.

brunette model dressed in black in a studio, seated

then from Leah's selection of hats we brought in one to compliment the colour of her lipstick:-)

model in a burgundy hat with black outfit

After a Quick warm up session and image check for Leah I changed the light setup to diffused octo camera right and a umbrella camera left with a gridded strip light softbox for a hairlight to the left rear , this has the effect of changed the dynamic of the overall lighting and creating more separation and definition of the model.

And Leah introduced a fabulous powder blue outfit and altered her hair by adding a hair band giving a feature element.

brunette model on chair blue catsuit outfit

adding in some headshots to the portfolio session gave Leah a larger selection of final images from which to choose her selection.

And we completed that set with a couple of black and white edits to highlight her eyes.

After a few from the set Leah introduced another outfit and i adjusted the lighting to darken the backdrop to a darker mid grey , staying with the octo camera right and the umbrella camera left. leah also quickly restyled her hair introducing a large style ponytail for a casual feel.

model set on dark grey backdrop , dressed in black with ponytail hair

Shooting through the set with the same styling , we decided to allow for a number of dramatic black and white images , so i adjusted the lighting again to remove the umbrella camera right and introduce a reflector on silver instead just for a slight fill on the left of leahs face

The day of the shoot was cold outside and leah had a fabulous colourful woolly jumper and hat combo, and with her fabulous eyes it would have been a shame not to feature them in a few winter style images:-) Leah had brought her own MUA with her in the shape of her sister, and she quickly touched up the lipstick to boost the vibrancy.

model in woolly hat and jumper

Of course once we changed styling and removed the hat Leahs sister easily restyled her her to surround her face, and give it room to breathe.:-)

And we completed the set with a novel shot to really make those amazing eyes pop.

So Time in the studio was flying as always and leah had so many wonderful outfits , she mentioned one of her faves was this vibrant yellow dress and we decided this would be the last outfit to feature, I bought out my dark grey cloth backdrop and cast it over the stool to give a rt styling to the backdrop and create a mood for the yellow dress to be displayed.

last shot from the portfolio set in the studio was this one with me elevated above leah and the 2 light setup , Octo camera right and stripbox to the rear camera left. just enough to introduce catchlights in both of those stunning eyes.

If you would like to book an exclusive studio shoot experience were i provide guidance and time on how to feel at home in front of camera get in touch to book a slot, and bring your creativeness to life.:-)

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