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Caroline's Accessories shoot

Commercial work or the fabulous Caroline's accessories based in omagh Co Tyrone.

Caroline has an amazing selection of scarfs bags jewellery and headbands and other fashion additions that she sells online and at local markets. The concept was to show her items in a urban setting whilst taking in some of the easily recognised locality.

Model for this shoot was local Girl Leah NIamh who styled her own wardrobe around the items she selected from carolines range, and she did a fabulous job as always.

Looking for a model for your fashion and accessories? then contact Leah Niamh via her facebook

Maybe you'd like to purchase one of the items featured in the shoot, then click on Caroline's Accessories to check out her selection on Facebook.

Niamh was a true pro for this shoot as she bravely smiled to the changing weather from sunshine to hail and and rain, who better to show of carolines range of gift and fashion wear. Here the shot includes one of Carolines new range of handbags the wonder floral scarf and the stunning matching necklace to complete the ensemble.

runette fashion model with knee high boots and fashion accessories.

brunette model Knee high grey boots and red bag and scarff

Three more items from Carolines range with the beautiful headband scarf and trendy red handbag all available to purchase through her online shop.

Moving into Omagh town we took shelter from the rain in one of the little alleyways leading to shops along the main street. a Quick change of Outfit for leah as she brought in a selection of Autumnal colours to fit the Mustard colour accessories theme.

fahion model with handbag and scarf in a graffiti alley omagh

autumnal colours fashion model in a alley in Omagh

styled fashion model in a graffiti alley in omagh

An urban setting with Leah and a of camera flash lighting to make her stand out in the dark alley.

fashion model headshot on the footbridge in omagh

We then made our way through the alley to the rear of the main street which has a fairly recent footbridge addition to the town, bringing in a few leading lines to draw attention to leah and Caroline's wonderful bag scarf and headband.

brunette model with sunglasses on a footbridge in Omagh

Having a bit of craic to during a shoot can always be fun, leah has a fabulous smile and its always a wonderful addition to any shoot.:-)

fashion model on bridge autumnal colours

last shot from the bridge taking in a little more of the backdrop, this is instantly recognisable to the locals and quickly associates Carolines brand to the Omagh market.

brunette model on footbridge in Omagh

Another quick styling change from leah and a move of local from the direct sunlight to a more shaded area to help enrich the subtle muted tones of the wonderful pink handbag featured by Caroline. Leah did a wonderful job of styling each outfit to the bags and accessories from Caroline's collection.

model with black leather jacket and pink handbag, sparkly headband.

model and pink handbag with a matching purse.

model with pink woolly hat  leopard print scarf and pink hand bag , urban location

as always the shoot time just flew past and we finished the accessories shoot with this last headshot taking in the scarf and hat combo.

Professional imagery for any commercial aspect can be used with license to promote your product or brand, with professional models if required and storyboard theme and planning included. Licensing terms and conditions available on request. or contact via email at

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