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Audley's Castle Medieval shoot with Shauneen lorriane .

Organising shoots online for portfolios can be a daunting task , especially if your at the mercy of the weather in N Ireland. Shauneen is a avide norse and medieval culture fan, and has her own massive following on instagram @folklori_ on which she shares the history art and styling of a nordic theme. The opportunity to shoot took a few months of planning and of course sourcing the perfect location to tie in with her amazing outfit.

medieval dressed archer outside Audley#s castle Ireland
Audleys castle panoramic

We choose Audleys Castle which is on the coast of Co Down and was used as one of the battle locations for a scene in Game of Thrones a well known TV series.

medieval archer poised to shoot at audleys castle

We had to move and work around the site as its pretty popular with tourists, but we managed to avoid getting any in shot with careful choice of angles and shoot positions.

female medieval archer
ambush awaits

The castle proved to be a perfect location for the styling and we got a great variation of images from around the perimeter with the detailing in the stone work and fabulous tones.

female medieval archer eyeing up her shot
setting the sight

medieval archer draws her boy outside a irish castle
in the sights

medieval archer at a irish castle
poised and ready

medieval archer seated on a stone wall in front of a castle
the archer awaits

Moving around the location we took in the lane way leading up the the castle. With really bright sunshine i bought in some of camera flash to help highlight our archer in wait.

archer with drawn arrow
The longing

Applying a few tonal filters to each image to seperate them apart can help give a completely different feel to each shot.

archer waiting with irish castle in the background
The moment will come

We then made our way back down the grass path the the forest track which leads to the waters edges a few hundred yards away from the castle itself.

and finishing this location with a wall along the waters edge, dodging tourists and dog walkers as we went. A great location with beautiful scenery which i can definitely recommend is worth a visit.

Thanks to Shuanneen for doing such a fab job with her styling and modelling on the day:-) don't forget to give her a follow online to catch up with more styled and sfx shoots.:-)


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