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Áine Celtic Goddess

Who is Áine Irish goddess? known to be the goddess of summer, wealth and sovereignty, and also links with midsummer and the Sun.. and is sometimes represented by a red mare. She is the daughter of Egobail, the sister of Aillen and/or Fennen.

Taking the legend and creating her own fabulous style I teamed up with model Layla Doherty in the beautiful Donegal.

The history and mythology of Aine are mostly related to being the goddess of fertility and a healthy crop through sun and shine.. We decided to bring a slight ancient mythology feel to the shoot hence the Celtic styling.

Layla styled the shoot beautifully by adding her own hair and makeup to fit the theme, and i brought along a few props to give the shoot a extra edge.

Celtic Swordplay and a magical styled staff for the goddess to wield.

Bringing in some foreground interest to draw the viewers eye to the fabulous blue eyed Layla.

A few filtered images to take in the wide view of the fabulous forest backdrop.

whats a magical goddess without some magic dust?

Many thanks to the wonderful Layla for her modelling skills you'll definitely be seeing more of layla in the coming months.

if you've enjoyed the photos please be sure to like comment and follow Trinity onlin via my instagram or facebook page.


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