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The Celtic Warrior

Taking a fabulous Annie Brown (model) to the north coast with a bespoke Medieval costume, i was hoping for dry weather, luckily it was just a little windy as we made our way down the cliff to Kinbane Castle. Such an amazing part of the coast gave for wonderful backdrops.

Annie did a wonderful job as it was her first time wielding both a sword and shield, and she effortlessly negotiated the terrain.

Adding some Drama to the poses was a great way of hiding the chilly breeze:-)

It was a little calmer this visit beside the castle so i was able to break out some Of camera flash for a few action swooshing images.:-)

Clever enough to bring good footware Annie posed with ease on the dark volcanic rocks, a formidable force to any approaching enemies..:-)

Lat shot with the Medieval costume, all of which was handmade here in N ireland by Mrs Lamb, he sword was a hand painted and adapted by myself , from a prop purchased online. The shield was in a trinity style also handmade by myself, and Annie herself did a fabulous job with hair and makeup.

A very enjoyable shoot for me and something a little different for Annie's portfolio.:-)

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