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Future Ninja Assassin

Time for another fabulous local model based in belfast Siriyupa Mulan has only recently got into modelling for photographers here in the north. Having recently shot with her Friend Jason Cancino we had a mutual contact and managed to arrange a shoot in amongst the mayhem that is Covid.

Hailing from Thailand Siriyupa had a natural flare or the styling we decided upon for this shoot.

thai model dressed in pvc
the girl with the dark brown eyes

Starting of the shoot with a quick selection of portrait images to warm up if you like is a great ice breaker when first meeting with new talent.

portrait shot of hai model
ruby red lips

thai model in carrick underground
basking in the light

moving through the shoot mulan started to get a feel for the outfit and we decided to introduce a few more props to bring a fresh style.

i have a few props which i knew would tie in well with the styling

thai model dressed in black with white basque with a katana and shades
future ninja Assassin

A set of futuristic style shades and a prop katana brought the future ninja assassin to life, these shoot are always meant to give a movie style character vibe and distract from the static portraiture from earlier in the shoot.

embracing the graffiti clad backdrop was our way of bringing a grittier darker style to some of the images and i managed to get Siriyupa to translate the title of our fictitious movie character into thai and added it to this movie poster picture.

No wind machine ? no problem, we used the windy weather to our advantage as it travelled through the subway were were located in:-)

thai model with guns in a alleyway
gun girl

last few edits and siriyupa spotted a pair of prop guns in the prop bag... so we thought why not:-)

finally i created the actual shot i had envisaged when we first put the shoot together.

swirling time vortex with katana carrying ninja assassin emerging
time jumping ninja assassin

if you like the image feel free to leave a comment let us know what you think, any ideas you have for future shoots are always welcome.:-)

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