Cailleach The Irish Goddess of Winter

Model Shauneen Lorriane location Ballynoe stone Circle The Cailleach was a mysterious ancient figure in Scottish and Irish lore and was the Irish Goddess of Winter. model for this shoot was the very lovely Shauneen lorriane who has a wonderful selection of medieval costumes and i paired her styling with a cloak ive used in past shoots with a bespoke handmade headdress which i created the morning of the shoot. this is the final finished poster style image from the shoot, ran through lightroom photoshop and he NIKs software collection. I also added 10 snow layers of different grades and thickness to give the snowfall effect. image without the completed titles for the poster. We where shooting

Audley's Castle Medieval shoot with Shauneen lorriane .

Organising shoots online for portfolios can be a daunting task , especially if your at the mercy of the weather in N Ireland. Shauneen is a avide norse and medieval culture fan, and has her own massive following on instagram @folklori_ on which she shares the history art and styling of a nordic theme. The opportunity to shoot took a few months of planning and of course sourcing the perfect location to tie in with her amazing outfit. We choose Audleys Castle which is on the coast of Co Down and was used as one of the battle locations for a scene in Game of Thrones a well known TV series. We had to move and work around the site as its pretty popular with tourists, but we managed to avoid ge

Catwoman hits Belfast

Cosplayer actress and performer Sophie -Jayne Caesar recreated the amazing styling of Michelle Pfeiffer from the Iconic Batman returns Movie. The costume was outstanding and paired with whip and killer heels the whole ensemble made for an eye-catching shoot on the backstreets of Belfast's Cathedral Quarter. Thankfully Sophie-Jayne had brought alone her management and it was a great to have help when it came to setting up and preparations. We started the set with a few natural light images and then moved into a variety of Of Camera flash shots Each setup varied depending on the backdrops, with wide angle and close up portraits Changing the lighting though the setups to make the most of the su

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