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The Matrix Themed Shoot

With the advent of lockdown our Planned Matrix themed shoot had to be postponed but luckily with the covid mesures now in place we were able to proceed.

with the combination of a few months planning and getting all the props and clothing together we aimed to recreate the matrix styling of The character of Trinity, some may get the connection:-)

model for the shoot was the fabulous Yana Veisberga who is also a talented local florist based at yanasflowers in Cookstown.

Hair and makeup by the super VIP Studio in Cookstown Co Tyrone

and nails by Posh Nail Studio Cookstown.

matrix themed trinity cosplayer with guns

The iconic styling was tricky to recreate as the style was very customised in the film itself, but after a few select purchases we came up with what you see.

trinity matrix style cosplayer

All the guns are hand painted props light and easily maneuvered, choosing the little alleyway of our local charity shop Lilac Cancer who kindly provided the footwear for the shoot , we got a hard gritty closed in feeling similar to that portrayed in arts of the original ilm from the trilogy.

trinity matrix styled shoot with handgun

Yana did a fabulous job throughout the shoot and her portrayal of the character was great, and made for lots of awesome images.

matix trinity style cosplay

Each image is edited with a slightly different style to create a individual mood for each. bringing the props and the outfit into play to create a little drama for each.

Only fitted we do a version of Bullet time which featured as a new film technology in the original Matrix film.

Visually this is the type of image i had hoped to create when we initially discussed the shoot and its almost exactly what i envisaged so job done im my eyes....

the matrix styled Trinity cosplay

Who knew that one the day our fabulous hairstylist would be able to blag a motorbike.... shes very persuasive lol many thanks to her partner for agreeing to let it feature. we moved locations and changed the styling to incorporate the bike, using a local alley way that actually had some overhead cover.

leather clad bike girl with gun and motorbike in the background.

You can see from the smile on Yanas face how happy she was to have the opportunity to have the bike included in the shoot.

And to complete the set we finished with a full length of camera flash portrait.

If you like any of the images featured on our blogs get in touch and we have arrangements with our models so sales benefit all parties. with prices from as little as £10 you could have an original Trinity on your wall on fine art paper or even beautifully framed as a conversation starter.

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