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Cahira Warrior Goddess

Is It wrong to start at the vision? Cahira Wrrior Goddess brought to life by model Ciara Mellon.

Having envisaged this shoot a few months before I never thought it would take as long to bring it to fruition. Initially starting with a charity shop dress purchased from Lilac Cancer Charity Cookstown, I then built up the outfit with costume headpiece and belt. then followed on with a few select pieces of metal armour. Taking time to research and search the net for a few Value items, I then constructed the boot gaurds and completed the styling with the Trinity costumised sword.

Putting out the call for a model online I was very pleased when Caira put her name forward to being styled.

Working over a number of messages i was able to style the dress to Ciara and didnt she do an amazing job.

Ciara is blessed with the most fabulous dark red curls and they added a special touch to the fianl set of images.

The weather scuppered our first arranged date but luckily we were able to reschedule and Ciara was able to get an amazing autumnal location with an abundance of oranges and red hues.

A cold but dry morning meant we actually got some great diffused light till the sun started to break through , meaning we had to move to a more sheltered part of the location. I bought along a few of my prop selection to add some difference to the image set.

Ciara handled the shoot exceptionally well considering it was one of her first themed styled sessions, so we moved though some close ups on the styling as well.

So to conclude the tail of the shoot I introduced some of Camera flash , working against the quickly appearing sun we aimed to get a number of Autumnal leaves in the foreground.

And my talented appentices got to adding in a flurry of fall.

Over a short period i was bale to gain some valuable knowledge of how to work with armour , especailly on someone with Ciaras figure,

Concluding the session came about quickly when the rising sun started to play havoc with the falling light, but we had some great backlight and warm tones coming through.

Still very Fun Session in the sun with the wonderful Ciara, she definitely did a fabulous job with makeup and hair styling... perfectly suited to the Celtic Warrior Goddess. Want to see more? check out my other Celtic Godessess in the Blog posts and feel free to leave a comment and share:-)


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