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Eriu Celtic goddess among the Tuatha Dé Danann, Eriu (modern Irish – Eire)

One of the Celtic gods among the Tuatha Dé Danann, Eriu (modern Irish – Eire)

In Mythology Eriu symbolized the legacy of the Tuatha Dé Danann

Dress maker model and all round Talent miss Niamh Brolly , Hailing from the hills of Donegal she was the perfect choice of model for a Celtic Goddess Themed shoot

Redheaded model in  green dress holding a sword whilst standing on a mountain top
Eriu, Celtic Goddess of Ireland

NIamh had been working tirelessly over lockdown to create her very own Eriu styled dress and the opptunity to create a styled shoot with her was to good and oppertunity to miss.

Red headed irish colleen with a green dress seated on a stone wall
Eriu Celtic Goddess

She designed and created her dress from scratch and through the wonders of instagram i was able to follow her stories as she brought it to life.

 Irish Reheaded girl standing in a green dress
Eriu Goddess of Ireland

In The hills of Donegal

Grianan of Aileach

Outside Letterkenny in the hills of Donegal is the Grianan of Aileach. where its possible to enjoy views for miles in all directions on a clear day, and it proved to be a perfect setting for our outdoor themed shoot. A hand built recreation of the fort which would have stood here many years ago.

redheaded girl standing with a sword in fort of Grianian of Aileach
Celtic warrior Eriu

As with all shoots we tried our best to make the most of the weather and we had to move through as many scenerios as we could before the irish weather moved in to stop play.

redheaded girl standing with a sword in fort of Grianian of Aileach
Prepared to defend

redheaded girl with green dress in fort of Grianian of Aileach
A moment to ponder

redheaded girl  with blue eyes portrait
Eriu Goddess of Ireland

headshots and beauty make for a wonderful combination, and Niamh did a fantastic job of bringing the charater of Eriu to life.

redheaded girl standing in Donegal

Having accquired and made a few new props over lockdown i was keen to introduce them into the photoshoot.

redheaded girl standing with a sword  and trinity shield in fort of Grianian of Aileach
The defender

And niamh really enjoyed the chance to try out her sword wielding skills, a fan of Game of thrones and vikings she was eager to show her capabilities.

redheaded girl standing with a sword in Grianian of Aileach
Sometimes the sword is mightier than the pen

And of course her beautiful styling and amazing hair where second to none.

redheaded girl seated with a sword and shield  in fort of Grianian of Aileach
The moment shall come

Only for the rain coming in from the coast this blog post would have been twice as long.

redheaded girl  with emerald green dress standing  in Grianian of Aileach

and the stoney ring fort was an idyllic setting for the theme, with its green pasture and moss covered stoney facade.

redheaded girl in a green dress  in Grianian of Aileach

redheaded girl standing with a sword in front of Grianian of Aileach
Come as you may.

redheaded girl standing at the top of Grianian of Aileach
Carried by the breeze

A Celtic Goddess brought to life.

so what do you think of our effort ?, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know if you'd like to see more godesses feature on our blog . I'll leave you with his image of Niamh taking in the views on the hills of Donegal Ireland.

redheaded girl strooling at Grianian of Aileach


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