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Portfolio Shoot with Erin Campbell

So I'm pleased to say we are back out shooting again after a long period of uncertainty, and no better a person to start with than Erin Campbell of ACA models Belfast. having intended to shoot in the studio i had to change to outdoors with the covid restrictions that were in place.

We had originally chatted about shooting together months ago and with Erins schedule it still took a few weeks to confirm a suitable date and time, Getting lucky with the weather was a happy coincidence. Erin has her own online fashion sales and she has had great previous experience of street photography.

The sun was absolutely beaming, and this provided more than its fair share of challenges along the seafront in Carrickfergus, very few places to provide shade was just one of the obstacles that had to be overcome. As most photographers will say hot bright sunlight isn't ideal.

It could be very uncomfortable for models as most surfaces will reflect light making it hard for them this is where the sunglasses can be handy, to soot F2.8 pushes the shutter to the max and the ISO to the min.

Adding some colour tones to accent the surroundings can change the feel of an image completely, as in above and below, with editing in lightroom you can obtain whole new feel to similar shots.

Making our way around the harbour edge we took in some of the scenery so that the locality would be instantly recognisable to anyone for the carrick coast.

A few hundred yards up and we found ourselves at the historic Carrickfergus Castle.

Moving up the Promenade we stopped for some more depth of field images on the other side of the castle.

After a lovely sunny selection we made our way to a small local subway section to include some of the Graffiti and do some of cameras flash lighting.

A fun shoot with a very lovely model and some fabulous results. highly recommend Erin if you want a fabulous natural model with plenty of energy and style.

Thanks for checking out our selection:-), if you would like to book a portfolio shoot we can provide a fabulous selection of online or print imagery depending on your requirements :-) just give us a call.:-)

Tel 07980265645 or message us on Facebook or instagram.

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