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NI Cowboy, Charity shoot

A quick Introduction to this post is required, Cathal Ocainian local influencer and charity supporter brought forward his idea for a themed cowboy shoot. Having collected all the props and gear it was a great opportunity to capture some classic cowboy styled shots.

Raising funds for local charity PIPSNI suicide awareness and Newpin NI based in Derry N ireland is Cathals goal for the next year. He also is a very big Shania twain fan so he thought he'd pair his love of country with his NI cowboy styling to bring his cause to the foreground.

Adding a few country props helping to set the tone, We're very lucky to have a locally based equestrian centre which came on board with the idea. The St Joseph Equestrian Centre is based just outside Cookstown and offer riding lessons and livery options .Proprietor Hanna generously gave permission to shoot onsite and to even allow some of her fabulous horses to partake.

Cathal had a few different outfits prepared and we created a number of different shots with each one.

Including a few of the fabulous horses and ponies was a definite bonus on the day, and a dedicated handler was alongside at all times to take care of the horses.

And of curse the biggest smiles came at the last part of the shoot when the center gracefully allowed Cathal to ride with there fabulous western style saddle on completing the styling to a tee, Already experienced with horseback riding Cathal took Prince( the horse) around their outside paddock for a few full length horse and rider shots.

PIPS NI provide counselling and more to anyone that needs help' individuals, families and organisations who have been affected by suicide or mental unwellness.

Their life saving services provide direct support to individuals who are in need. They offer a free, confidential counselling service, with no restriction on the number of sessions provided. They also offer a crises walk in service in Belfast and a crisis telephone service at other locations during our opening hours.

Please reach out if you or anyone you know needs help, you are never alone!


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