Bronte Cosplay Rogue shoot

A chance meeting on facebook lead to a fabulous shoot with this fabulous Cosplayer. Hailing from the land of Aus Bronte had a creative background and i was lucky enough to find a suitable location for her to display her amazing Rogue from Xmen Comic Book Cosplay. Cosplay has a very large following with comic book and Game fans , and of course film fans as well. With a quick Warm Up Bronte brought into play her fabulous athletic abilities, a trained pole dance expert she adopted some awesome hero poses. and finished with a few jumps and turns:-) to complete the set we reconstructed a few comic book style images.:-) #rogue #xmen #comicbookheros #cosplayers #models #poledancers #photographers

Studio Night with model Jessica

Starting the evening of with a simple one light setup and a textured background switching to a two light setup with more directional light on the model creating a darker background. Next Jessica had a change of outfit and we lit the rear background including a blue gel. switching out the background for a high key finish and lighting it separately for a more diffused rear glow moving the model forward deceasing the power to the rear lights changing the tone of the background changing the setup to tw sidelight strip diffusers with grids to give a warm toned directional light. modeling light only used to illuminate Jessica. then swaping out to a full gel setup to create a colourful style finish

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