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Bronte Cosplay Rogue shoot

A chance meeting on facebook lead to a fabulous shoot with this fabulous Cosplayer.

Hailing from the land of Aus Bronte had a creative background and i was lucky enough to find a suitable location for her to display her amazing Rogue from Xmen Comic Book Cosplay.

Cosplay has a very large following with comic book and Game fans , and of course film fans as well.

comic book rogue cosplay

rogue against graffiti wall

With a quick Warm Up Bronte brought into play her fabulous athletic abilities, a trained pole dance expert she adopted some awesome hero poses.

rogue hero pose

rogue in front kick pose

moving the focus rogue

and finished with a few jumps and turns:-)

casula pose rogue

upside down against a wall rogue

turning in action rogue

to complete the set we reconstructed a few comic book style images.:-)

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