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Enchanted princess parties NI promo shoot

Daffodil season again... a wee throwback to my promo shoot with Enchanted Princess Parties NI.

Getting all the fabulous princesses on location at Antrim Castle gardens made the shoot even more special, as all the girls attracted so many of the park goers we had to pause between shots to allow for all the photo opportunities.

Of to a Great start with their amazing costumes and styling the girls really look the part, and their characterisation is second to none.

Taking in a number of the most popular princesses, we captured a number of situation and headshot style images.

All of the talent performed flawless through the shoot and looked stunning.

As with all commercial shoots we planned a few months in advance and worked of a storyboard of previsualised images.

And we even moved to the Antrim round tower to complete a themed style of their Tower Princess.

Daffodil season in the gardens made for some great foreground interest, especially with the fabulous styling of the princesses.

All of the Girls are amazing performers and entertained quite a few of the crowd that quickly gathered around them as we made or way to the castle grounds.

IAs per all my shoots had a mix of natural light and of camera flash to help some of the styling really pop, Being able to think on your feet and capture a selection of shots for four separate princesses definitely can be a challenge, but having the experience of groups and weddings definitely helps.

And to complete this small selection of shots from the shoot we got all the ladies to come together for a wee group image.

Rates are available for all commercial and themed shoots which of course are priced accordingly depending on time place and image usage. if your Having a parties for your princess all the princesses are available for hire through Enchanted princess parties NI which can be found via there facebook page or click on the button below.

Actors and entertainers featured:

Sophie Jayne Caesar

Olivia Mooreland

Sarah Rooney

Jenna Simpson

If you'd like to book a portfolio or business shoot please feel free to get in touch via our contact page.


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