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Cailleach The Irish Goddess of Winter

Model Shauneen Lorriane

location Ballynoe stone Circle

The Cailleach was a mysterious ancient figure in Scottish and Irish lore and was the Irish Goddess of Winter.

model for this shoot was the very lovely Shauneen lorriane who has a wonderful selection of medieval costumes and i paired her styling with a cloak ive used in past shoots with a bespoke handmade headdress which i created the morning of the shoot.

celtic goddess image in winter snow setting
Cailleach Beara

this is the final finished poster style image from the shoot, ran through lightroom photoshop and he NIKs software collection. I also added 10 snow layers of different grades and thickness to give the snowfall effect.

image without the completed titles for the poster.

We where shooting on the pathway leading to Ballynoe stone circle, a tricky spot to find as google maps lead us astray, thankfully a local pointed us in the right direction and we discovered this amazing overgrown pathway leading to wards the stone circle, and i couldn't resist using it in the feature.

model with floral headress on a stone wall with a sword
The Wait

Shauneen brought along a selection of props to go with the theme one of which was this fabulous sword which featured in many of the final images

model with floral head dress and cloak

Each image has had a seperate set of layered filters to create a different feel to each shot.

model with floral heads overhead photo
sleeping goddess

Always nice to create a selection of black white images from high contrast materials.

dark earthy tones with those amazing shauneen eyes...:-)

losing the headdress for the last few images for the set to give a celtic warrior style image or two.

And a 5 image panorama to take in the beautiful stone circle.

mediaval model standing on a rock with a sword in ireland
stand strong

and the final image to complete the warrior styling this is virtually all in camera with just a few colour and saturation tweaks, shoot with a single OCF camera right giving the lighting for shauneen and creating the gleam on the sword.


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