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A last minute opportunity turned into a fully blown photoshoot with a few of the fabulous characters from

Event Heroes a belfast based entertainment a character company.

Getting the chance to work with such talented actresses was to good a chance to miss.

First of our Talented Ladies was Rebecca Samuel who had brought her fabulous Merida costume with her and her amazing hair was something else.

All images on this set where shot with two long lens so we stayed socially distanced throughout, Merida's costume was outstanding and her custom bow was an amazing artistic addition.

Shooting at such a popular location can have its tricky situations, between walkers dandering through your shot or all the little kids who just wanted a photo with there favourite Disney princesses.

keeping with the strong character theme we made the most of the sunny weather in and around the fort.

and then i finished of a set of the edits with some varying styles.

a pleasure to work with Rebecca , she stayed in character for every image and was a star all through the shoot.

check out rebecca and more Event heroes on facebook and instagram.


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