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Catwoman hits Belfast

Cosplayer actress and performer Sophie -Jayne Caesar recreated the amazing styling of Michelle Pfeiffer from the Iconic Batman returns Movie. The costume was outstanding and paired with whip and killer heels the whole ensemble made for an eye-catching shoot on the backstreets of Belfast's Cathedral Quarter.

actress in a catwoman costume, cosplayer
catwoman in Belfast

Thankfully Sophie-Jayne had brought alone her management and it was a great to have help when it came to setting up and preparations.

catwoman from batman returns in belfast
Get the whip out

We started the set with a few natural light images and then moved into a variety of Of Camera flash shots

catwoman against a graffiti walk in belfast
The claws are out

Each setup varied depending on the backdrops, with wide angle and close up portraits

Changing the lighting though the setups to make the most of the suits finish really made the poses ooze style.

catwoman sitting on a box
high and ighty

Using the urban backdrop to give a city feel with the graffiti added to the comic gritty styling.

catwoman on a pole about to crack her whip
whip cracker

Each image uses a unique lighting setup either with a mixture of natural light and of camera flash, which was diffused via a octobox.

catwoman stands astride the cobblestones on a back alley in belfast
here kitty kitty kitty

With the shoot time flying away we struck of a couple of special poses using a few extras to create the last couple of images

And finally the envisaged image from the shoot... this is the one i had in my mind when we began the planning stages a few months ago, with lockdown we held of till the time suited best, edited in lightroom and photoshop to get that nightscape feel.

special thanks to sophie-Jayne for her amazing talent cosplay and patience, an absolutely outstanding opportunity to capture a movie icon from my childhood:-)


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