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Beach shoot with Model Tarryn Shiels

When you have a summer like we have in N Ireland you have to make the most of it :-)

Getting to shoot sunsets on a beach with a beautiful local model doesn't happen every day:-)

Working with the lovely Tarryn Sheils we captured a selection of of camera flash and natural light images, on the fabulous Benone beach , on our very own north coast. Being a experienced model Tarryn had a selection of her own props , shoes hat and sunglasses allowing for a more versatile selection of pictures.

We Started on the location at the lifeguards hut which is situated close to the main entrance of the beach and started gauging the falling light levels between each shoot, constantly changing the camera settings to allow for the high contrast situations.

The ultimate goal of the shoot was to hopefully end with a fabulous sunset, but as this was our first time working together the first 20 mins was quickly eaten up with a selection of portrait shots to ease Tarryn into working with a new Photographer.

As it was easier to start with natural light images i worked in a few full length and 3/4 length shots. with the warm toned summer sun coming down hard i used the shadow side to set the metering.

post processing the shots i used a range of editing filters for different vignettes and then shooting in raw i adjusted the white balance in lightroom to give a warm tone.

Once the bright warm sun began to set i had an assitant hold the strobe on a extendable pole, due to being on the beach the wind was to strong for umbrella diffusion or to have the strobe perched on a stand.:-)

As the sun began to set i asked Tarryn to go though some poses and i had to reset my camera virtually every shot due to the constant drop in light.

In the few last seconds of sunset the sky became alive with hues of orange and blue, last shot featured ive edited out my assistant as even on full zoom there just wasn't enough power to illuminate the model.

This shot actually killed my 3 year old nikon strobe lol had to have it refurbished a week later, just one of the reasons why photographers have to charge is the cost of maintaining and running the equipment required to capture moments like this.

Thank you to Tarryn for her time and thank you just checking out this post, stay in touch and follow for more future blogs:-)

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