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Star wars shoot with @ louisejulie

A chance meeting on instagram and a love of star wars can lead to something special.

@ louisejulie is a modern day twitcher and twitch TV broadcaster , who shares her game play around the globe with her subscribers and followers. In the last few years she has spread her wings into cosplaying, were enthusiasts of films games and comic books dress up as their favourite characters.

As the weather was looking poor we made our way to Cushendun caves for some shelter, little did we know the Game of thrones fans would be arriving in their bus load as this is one of the locations used in the making of the series.

cosplaying Rey of star wars with lightsaber in cave
coplaying rey in the rain at kinbane castle north coast of ireland
cosplaying rey outside cushendun caves filming location for Game of thrones

Louise had but a lot of work into her outfit inspired by the costume of Rey in the last jedi. complete with light up light saber and blaster we took a selection of natural light and of camera flash shots in and around the caves and beach.

Rey cosplayer wielding lightsaber in cuhendun caves antrim coast ireland

lightsaber lighting the way of rey star wars cosplayer cushendun caves ireland

Each image was created with various camera settings allowing for the low light levels, and i made a few images using a trusty strobe on a light stand and stofen diffusser.

Rey cosplayer fires her gun with sfx

Post processing i added in a number of lighting effects and blaster fires, which i sourced from free stock images online.

After a few shots inside the caves we moved out onto the beach to take in the now bright sunshine which had developed. As always this brings with a a complete new setup to allow for the high contrast situations.

Rey in thought outside cushendun caves  north coast of antrim ireland

preparing for batlle lightsaber practice on the north coast of ireland

Using of camera flash with high speed sync allowed me to take in the amazing backdrops whilst keeping louise the center of attention. Her saber actually glowed to a certain level allowing me to post process with similar tones and light fall.

rey cosplay north coast ireland

We decide to move up along the coast to Kinbane Castle in the North of Antrim. Louise herself had noted from a few landscape images i had taken a few weeks before that this location actually bore a good resemblance to the location used in the real film. Its shot on a small island of the south coast of Ireland,

rey cosplayer north coast of ireland, lit by strobe lighting

I started with a few flash hots then created a selection of natural light images

rey cosplayer at Kinbane Castle north coast of ireland

recreating the scene from starwars the last jedi, cosplayer as rey north coast of ireland

Playing out a section of the film were rey practices with her lightSaber:-)

posing on the north coast as rey in cosplay with lightsaber

cosplayer as rey north coast of antrim ireland

looking to the force as rey in cosplay north coast of antrim ireland

thank you to louise for her time on the day and i hope you've enjoyed the images.

And finally to finish i was very happy when i posted the above edit on instagram it received a great response, and a fellow called mike Wilkinson from England commented, his photo shopping talents a way above mine so i asked if he would be interested in a collaboration as a surprise present for louise.

To my surprise he accepted and created this amazing image below, isnt it amazing, sometimes social media does create amazing shots shoots and collaborations, credit to mike for the image below. :-)

star wars themed cosplay


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