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Belfast Charity Shoot Pt 3

So this is the last set of images from my shoot in the Belfast Photo Studio

Model Rachel Shivers

Makeup Aine Mcerlean

So we decided to change the lighting setup and Background top make the black cat suit worn by Rachel our model. Three light setup here with to rear strobe lights with strip softboxes at either side.

Then we used a large octobox to give a beautiful soft light, mounted on a boom stand and directed from camera left.

Rachel in catsuit

I mixed though a set of headshots first with Rachel

model purple backdrop

Once i had a few i took a few full length shots.

After a few images in this style we added a smoke machine behind rachel and switch the strobe head to light her from the rear.

Using a few lightroom presets i altered the rear background colour to give a different feel to the images.

Adding in a large fan made for some dramatic hair movement, always a fine balance as this can make the models eyes water easily..

Then in post production i created a few Black and white images to give a fine art feel.

model in black and white

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