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Cosplay shoot with Sophie Jayne Ceaser

Local cosplayer and actress Sophie Jayne Ceaser has a wide variety of characters she uses to promote various Charities and events in N Ireland. After meeting with her at a belfast comic Con we decided to meet up at the Trinity Photography NI studio so add a selection of images to her portfolio.

Well used be being photographed she quickly took to the studio lighting and we started with a few relaxed portrait and headshots for promotional purposes.

actress with jacket, blonde hair

bringing in one of the prop chair i have in the studio to acheive a differnet style to the photo.

model seated in chair

A classic forward headshot is a must for any actors porfolio or profile page, with a light natural makeup styled by Sophie Jayne herself/

Slight change of outfit with a classic black jacket and white top combination, smart and professional.

Next we moved on to one of Sophier Jaynes fabulous Super hero costumes, Spider Gwen one of the characters from the classic into the Spider verse series. Sophie also pointed out she is a trained Ballet dancer allowing her to use professional Ballet pointe pumps safely:-)

I switched to a low key black backdrop and a three light setup to give a comic book highlight feel and separate her and the costume from the black background.

spidergwen headshot

spidergwen ballet pose

leaving the two kicker lights in this shot to show the lighting with grids to control the fall onto Sophie Jayne.

after mixing in a few shots with her SpiderGwen wig we then moved on to one of her other favourite super heroes , SuperGirl.

black and white image of supergirl standing pose

supergirl getting ready to fight

supergirl headshot

Big thanks to Sophie-Jayne for travelling all the way to Trinity Photography NI to get her portfolio images, go check her out on instagram as Spider Gwen NI, and as Supergirl NI. and catch up with some of her other fabulous costumes and characters.

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