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Belfast Portfolio shoot with Julita & Estee

So i was of to the not so sunny Belfast for a portfolio boosting shoot with the fabulous Photo model Julita Olaniewicz and her friend and fellow model Estee Misuk, Both girls are polish and it was a excellent opportunity to work with european models.We had originally planned to use the Titanic building as a backdrop for the images but due to the weather we had to relocate to a local business park which offered some much needed shelter from the unpredictable weather.

Due to the relocation i lost a substantial amount of planned shoot time so had to quickly go through a few ideas with the girls and communicating via there translator was relatively easy as they did a excellent job of posing and bringing ideas and varying styles.

I Generally start all shoots with a small selection of portraits and simple poses to let everyone settle into the location. Combining this with straightforward natural light keeps the setups simple.

Once we had a few shots down i then brought some Of Camera flash into the images to allow me to darken the cars and pallets etc further back in the alleyway in which we were using.

Moving the lighting with my assistant i varied the shots between wide aperture natural light and of camera strobe.

Breaking the shoot up with different setups allowed me to get a better selection of finished images within the short timescale available

Moving back to natural light we did a few combined images bringing both girls together.

Virtually all the images are shot at ISO 400 due to the overcast weather allowing for better handheld shutter speed.

A fun shoot with two girl girls and a fun one:-)

If your interested in a portfolio shoot and would like some professional images to give it a boost feel free to get in touch to book a shoot at 07980265645.:-) with great rates available for online imagery and for print portfolios.

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