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Belfast studio charity shoot Part 1

Catching up with some of the images i shoot at a recent charity shoot in the Belfast photo studio in aid of PIP's a local charity for suicide prevention.

Ash and Akos run a photography studio based in the mill of the Falls rd.

they organised a charity shoot with 3 local models and a number of local photographers

and we also had a fabulous MUA Aine McErlean from Portglenone who owns and operates her own beauty and nail boutique.

Working through the shoot Akos had a wide selection of light modifiers and options available so we started with a 3 light setup with 2 rear lights one either side of the model fitted with strip light soft boxes and grids, this allowed for great separation from the vivid yellow background, and a large octobox diffuser Camera left.

Model :Magdalena Mirecka

model christmas outfit photoshoot

model christmas outfit photoshoot

model christmas outfit photoshoot

model christmas outfit photoshoot

Each photographer had an opportunity to photograph the models in a number poses of their choosing

and Akos provided us with a few Christmas props from his selection.

Magdalena Mirecka had brought a few outfits with her so we changed the setup for the next selection of shots.

Taking in selection of headshots we reduced the rear lighting to one strip box behind the model camera right whilst staying with the octo box on front camera left as you can see in the catchlight in her eyes.

Changing the processing in lightroom to black and white for a change of feel, bringing more attention to the models eyes:-)

After this we reset back to the original light setup and i had brought a celtic warrior costume I've had made for another shoot and we decided to catch a small selection of images with it as time was running short.

initial shot with low key setup and 2 rear kicker lights which carried highlights to her cheekbones.

Adding in a little photoshop tint to the hair gives a completely different feel to the image.

and a final composite shot with an image i had from a previous shoot.

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