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Belfast Charity shoot part 2


Part 2 of our Charity photography shoot in Belfast.

Model Von Vo

Mua Aine McErlean

Joined by the lovely Von vo a local girl from belfast, Akos at the Belfast photo studio changed the lighting setup to high key. with two studio strobes fitted with shoot through umbrellas on the white background. then we reset the large octoboz on the strobe to a higher lighting position slight camera left of the model.

as you can see from the catchlights this really makes the makeup from Aine McErlean Portglenone really pop. The vibrant colours and glitter draw attention to the eyes straight away and of course its essential that as the photographer this is our point of focus.with Vons Striking Blue eyes Aine Chose a similar Blue toned lipstick to make the look very eyecatching

After processing a few of the images i created this Black and white sepia toned version. I love black a white imagery and this i feel draws you even more into the models eyes.

black and white portfolio image

Change of outfit for this shoot , and again a different lighting setup, this time a beauty dish about the camera with gridded diffuser, and a gelled strobe to the rear left of the model to give a blue hue to the image , matching in with the tonal qualities of her beautiful dress.

blue gelled porfolio image

Back to the purple dress and a movement image with the classic model jump shot.

model jump shot purple dress

changing the feel of the shoot we took this down to a low light shot with the modelling light from the strobe providing the key light we used the fairy lights to emphasis the depth of field taking the camera down to f.2.8, and again focussing on Vons eyes for maximum impact.

So last image generated in Photoshop with one of the shots from the set, taking the actual physical glare from the rear gelled light i copied this and flipped it to create a layer duplicate the using the lens flare filter generated the glow between Vons hands. After this i changed the colour balance to bring the hue into a blue studio tone and changed the saturation tones of her makeup, i also created a focus blur layer around the outer edges to push the center of the image into the foreground.

model light blue dress blue makeup image
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