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New Faces Model shoot, Drum Manor

Pleased to be invited along to a great networking opportunity arranged by Yana Veisberga of Yanas Flowers Cookstown and Olga Belakova of Posh Nail Studio . Myself and a number of other local photographers Ciaran Kelly , Kevin Best & Dalia Kasperavicienegot together with a few local models for a portrait session in and around the park Grounds.

Models for the shoot were:

Seanin MGuckin Caldwell

Yana Veisberga

Sammy John

Cathal Ocianian.

Here just a small selection of the images i created from my time with each individual model, whilst taking in the Autumnal colours around the park.

These sessions are a great way to practice in different lighting scenarios as the daylight in the park changed rapidly through the shoot from bright sunshine to darkly overcast.

Heres a few of the images with Seanin modelling

blonde model seated at park bench

blonde model green jacket in autumn

changing from full length to portrait imagery through the shoot gives a greater selection of final images for everyone's portfolios. and give a chance to display fashion items.

blonde girl green jacket with arm on park bench

MIxing up between the different photographer gave everyone an opportunity to work with each on a individual basis allowing each to bring their own style to the models poses and final images.Ggetting to work with Male models is an essential part of photography as they bring their own style and a different set of poses with casual and relaxed final images.

Pictures Featuring Sammy John

male model in park setting

male model with leaves in foreground

male model classic portrait

black & white male model portrait

Editing for each image can bring a whole range of final shots, some with emphasis on colour and tone, and other on refining the models character for the shot

most images featured are shot in natural light and shady areas to keep a balance on highlights.

Images featuring Yana Veisberga

model leaning against a tree with cream Jacket

getting low on some images can give a different feel to the shot as a whole, placing more emphasis on the autumnal surroundings, this can generate a leading line bringing the viewer's eye to the person which the image is intended to feature.

model in castle leaning against window opening

portrait image of model  with warm autumnal tones

portrait shot of model against a treee

And the last set of images come courtesy of Cathal Ocianian

Thank you to all the models and photographers who participated, if you would like to experience a shoot like this for yourself we offer great rates on portfolio images headshots and fashion images, just get in touch to enquire about our rates, at 07980265645

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