Sunflower warrior

All Credit to Caoimhe Mckay a wonderful local model, she recently was a finalist in the Richmond Centers miss Earth Pageant and won the title of Miss fire:-) .

A few years back we meet at her Aunts Wedding as she was one of the bridesmaids on the day. She then modelled for one of my first outdoor flash workshops in Drum manor and did a wonderful job.

Her pageant win was a great excuse to get her back in front of the camera.

Being a talented makeup and nail artist she came fully prepared with wonderful makeup and a selection of outfits to create a selection of portfolio quality images.

A little digital fire well she is miss fire ni 2019 after all.:-)

I've being bringing together a set of floral themed images and she was the perfect subject for sunflowers , with her stunning blue eyes and blond hair.

we decided to bring out an outfit from a previous shoot , a warrior princess styled dress, which was handmade locally.

We worked our way through a selection of various lighting setups and backdrops, to create a wonderful selection of different images

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